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Three Platforms, One application: MobileTrader for iOS, Android, and PlayBook Source Code Available

My recent video, Flex on the iPad, has generated a lot of interest. The same application runs on iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry PlayBook. A number of you have asked me for the source code. Now that Flex 4.5 has been released, I’m able to share it: you can download the project file here. NOTE: […]

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Flex and TripIt Integration Example with OAuth Authorization

I have been playing with the TripIt API yesterday. TripIt provides typical RESTful services to access your travel data. Like other Web APIs, they use OAuth (Open Authorization) to allow third-party applications to access your protected TripIt data without requiring you to enter your TripIt credentials in the third-party app. The authorization workflow goes like […]

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Building Lightweight, Mobile-Ready Charts with FXG

Using system resources effectively is always on developers minds, particularly when building mobile applications. In “Hero”, many components will be optimized for mobile devices. Traditional full-featured charting components, however, may still be heavy on a mobile phone. The good news is that in addition to the MX charting components, Flex also makes it easy to […]

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