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InSync: Automatic Offline Data Synchronization in AIR using LCDS 2.6

LCDS 2.6 allows you to build AIR applications with automatic offline data synchronization. This feature leverages the SQLite relational database system embedded in the AIR runtime, but the advantage is that the data synchronization process is entirely automatic: you don’t have to write SQL statements or synchronization logic to keep your local database in sync […]

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BlazeDS: Open Sourcing Remoting and Messaging

Today is yet another exciting day for the Flex community and for the world of Rich Internet applications… Adobe is announcing plans to release its Remoting and Messaging technologies under a new open source product named BlazeDS. The news is probably all over the blogs, but I thought I would summarize the key points: The […]

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Speaking at FlexCamp in Boston on Friday

I will be delivering the opening keynote at the FlexCamp in Boston (at the Bentley College in Waltham) on Friday. This promises to be a really great event with great speakers from the Flex Engineering Team (Paul Reilly, Peter Farland, Tom Jordahl) and other Flex celebrities (Joe Berkovitz, David Coletta, Thomas Burleson, Matt Woodward). Hope […]

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Interactive Bubble Pipeline: Another Hybrid (HTML/Flex) Example

A customer recently pointed out to me that many of our examples feature full-page Flex applications, and wanted to me to demonstrate how a Flex application can integrate with an HTML/Ajax application. Hybrid applications are definitely part of our vision for Flex, and there are many real-life examples of mixing Flash and HTML content out […]

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Experimenting with the ILog Elixir Components for Flex

I spent some time playing with the ILog Elixir components for Flex. If you haven’t checked them out they are definitely worth looking at. Live samples are available here: http://www.ilog.com/products/elixir/ I experimented with the 3D charts components which definitely provide a good example of the expressiveness of the Flex platform. Looking at the sample code, […]

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