Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server

I presented a session called “Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server” at MAX (the Adobe developer conference) last week. Beyond the basics of the Flex pub/sub messaging infrastructure, the session provided techniques to build real life collaborative applications. I started with a simple chatroom, and then incrementally added features to […]

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Using Flex with Spring

Many people in the Java community have recently been asking how to use Flex with the Spring framework, and more specifically, how to remotely invoke Spring beans methods from Flex applications. Spring is one of the most popular Java frameworks. It is based on a lightweight component container that implements the Inversion of Control (IoC) […]

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Video: Yakov Fain's session at Real World Flex

A few weeks ago, Sys-Con held the first “Real World Flex Seminar” in New York City. Yakov Fain, editor at the Java Developer’s Journal, Java Champion, and Flex enthusiast presented an interesting session on Flex and Java. The video of Yakov’s session is now available here. Enjoy!

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30 minutes Flex test-drive for Java developers

Flex is being adopted by many Java shops, ISVs and OEMs to build applications inside and outside the firewall. However, I also realize that there are still many Java developers who are unfamiliar with Flex, and sometimes have misconceptions about the product. Flex integrates particularly well with Java back-ends, and the feedback from Java developers […]

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Flex on InfoQ

My latest post “How Flex can transform the user experience on the web” has been picked up by InfoQ, the new enterprise software development portal created by Floyd Marinescu. Floyd was the original creator of, and his new portal looks very promising.

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How Flex can transform the user experience on the web

Now that the industry has turned its attention to the client-side and the user experience, the quality of web user interfaces can be expected to improve at a very fast pace after ten years of virtual hibernation. In that context, Flex offers a series of unique features that can profoundly transform the way people interact […]

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Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer (Updated for Flex 2 GA)

As you already know, Flex 2 is now available. So, it’s time to post the upgraded version of some of the demos I built during the beta… starting with the portfolio viewer which had generated some good feedback. The portfolio viewer is an example of a real time market data application. It uses the Flex […]

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