New MDI-style Trader Desktop with Flex and Apollo

I put together a new example of a Trader Desktop application built with Flex and running in Apollo or in a browser. This application features configurable watch lists and data visualization panels organized in an MDI-style user interface. This version simulates data changes at the client-side to allow you to experience the application locally without […]

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Synchronizing Data in Apollo using Flex Data Services

In my previous post, I provided an example of an Apollo application using the Flex Message Service. Since then, a number of people have asked for examples of Apollo applications accessing data using the Flex Data Management services. So here is a simple Contact Management application that demonstrates this integration. (more…)

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Real Time Market Data using Apollo and Flex Data Services

After the public alpha was released on Monday on labs, there has been a lot of interest in using Apollo together with the Flex Data Services. The combination of Apollo and FDS allows you, for example, to easily push data to Apollo applications, or to seamlessly integrate Apollo applications with Java back-ends using Remoting or […]

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Flex Data Management Services Tutorial

As part of the Flex Test Drive Server, I wrote a new Flex Data Management Services tutorial. The tutorial takes you through the full FDMS application development life cycle: Java assembler, destination, and client application. Additional topics include: (more…)

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Flex Test Drive Server for Java Developers (Tomcat-based)

I have been working on a Tomcat-based “Flex Test Drive Server”. The Test Drive Server is a minimal and ready-to-use version of Tomcat (currently version 5.5.20) in which the Flex Data Services (version 2.0.1) WAR file has already been deployed and configured along with a variety of tutorials and sample applications. It allows you to […]

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Presenting Flex at the New England Java Users Group tomorrow

I will be delivering a two-hour Flex presentation called “Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Ajax” at the New England Java Users Group tomorrow Thursday November 16th at 6:00pm. The meeting is open to everybody, so feel free to stop by if you are in the Boston area. The agenda is posted here You can […]

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Building database-driven Flex applications without writing (Client- or server-side) code

One question that developers often ask when they see Flex for the first time is: “how do I write a database application?” The answer to this question is typically: You use an HTTPService, WebService, or RemoteObject to connect to a server-side component that provides an API to manipulate your data. This approach provides infinite possibilities, […]

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