Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS

A typical source of confusion when developers start working with RemoteObject or other BlazeDS/LCDS related classes is where and most importantly *when* the configuration of your services is being read. The question often arises after an application stops working when you move it to another server. This is one of the most frequently asked questions […]

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The "Spring ActionScript" Framework – Part 2: Autowiring

In the first part of this series, we looked at how the “Spring ActionScript” framework can help you externalize the configuration and the wiring of your components, and how you can easily obtain configured objects using applicationContext.getObject(). In this second part, we will discuss how you can make these objects available to the views of […]

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The “Spring ActionScript” Framework – Part 1: The Basics

The “Spring ActionScript” framework (formerly known as Prana, and brainchild of Christophe Herreman) is being built as the ActionScript version of the Spring IoC framework hugely popular in the Java world. It is also part of a growing number of Flex frameworks that revolve around the Dependency Injection approach (the list also includes Swiz and […]

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Tampa User Group: Flex 4, Catalyst, SpringSource and more…

The Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers Group has a special meeting next Wednesday (March 4th) with an impressive agenda (including Flex 4, AIR 1.5, Catalyst, CF Next, Spring/BlazeDS presentations), and an equally impressive speaker line up: Ben Forta, Greg Wilson, Kevin Hoyt. Jeremy Grelle, SpringSource Engineering lead will also present the recently released Spring […]

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ILog Elixir 2 Released: Calendar Component, Heat Maps, and More…

ILOG has released V2 of their Elixir Flex components. The list of new components available in version 2 includes: Calendar, Gantt task charts, heatmaps, and OLAP/pivot charts. All the version 1 components have been improved as well. Check out the live demos here. Additional product information is available here. I recently posted a sample Adobe […]

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Spring / BlazeDS Integration on Adobe TV

In this new Adobe TV episode, I demonstrate how to build Flex applications that connect to a Spring back-end using the new Spring / BlazeDS Integration project. If you are interested in this integration, make sure you check out the Spring / BlazeDS Integration page on the SpringSource web site and the new Spring / […]

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