InSync: Automatic Offline Data Synchronization in AIR using LCDS 2.6

LCDS 2.6 allows you to build AIR applications with automatic offline data synchronization. This feature leverages the SQLite relational database system embedded in the AIR runtime, but the advantage is that the data synchronization process is entirely automatic: you don’t have to write SQL statements or synchronization logic to keep your local database in sync […]

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Live Help / Call Center Application with Flex and BlazeDS

I recently posted a number of examples (Yahoo Maps Collaboration and Collaborative Data Entry) showing how to use the BlazeDS / LCDS Message Service to build collaborative applications. In this post, I’m extending the Collaborative Forms application to provide an example of a more complete and real life “Live Help / Call Center” application. (more…)

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Collaborative Data Entry with Flex and BlazeDS

After Yahoo Maps collaboration, here is another example of enabling collaboration in a Flex application using the publish/subscribe messaging infrastructure of BlazeDS. This example demonstrates “collaborative forms” (or “collaborative data entry”). Users in different locations can fill in forms “together” in a real-time and in-context collaboration session: changes made by one user are automatically reflected […]

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Yahoo Maps Collaboration using Flex and BlazeDS

Two years ago, I wrote a simple Google Maps collaboration example. The Flex application listened to Google Maps events to synchronize maps between different users. It also added nice collaboration features such as videoconferencing and a collaborative whiteboard overlaid on top of the map. In addition to demonstrating the real-time messaging capabilities of Flex, this […]

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SQLite Admin for AIR 1.0

Here is a new version of my AIR-based SQLite Admin application updated for AIR 1.0. You can use this application to examine the structure of a database, create a new database or open an existing one, execute any type of SQL statement, etc. An interesting aspect of this version is that the application itself uses […]

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Salesbuilder for AIR 1.0

Now that Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 are generally available, it’s time to upgrade some of the sample applications I have been building during the beta program. So, here is Salesbuilder for AIR 1.0. Salesbuilder is a Sales Force Automation application written in Flex and deployed on the AIR runtime. It demonstrates local persistence using […]

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New Version of SalesBuilder using LiveCycle Data Services

I have often felt that we needed a more real-life/complex sample application to adequately demonstrate LiveCycle Data Services, and specifically the Data Management Service. So, I wrote a new version of Salesbuilder that uses LCDS to persist data at the server side. “Salesbuilder LCDS” demonstrates advanced LCDS features such as associations, lazy loading, etc. This […]

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Bug Fix in SQLite Admin

If you downloaded the SQLite Admin AIR application I posted on Tuesday, make sure you download the last version. The new version fixes a problem where you get the following exception: ‘Error #3115: SQL Error.’, details:’cannot rollback – no transaction is active’, operation:’rollback’. Many thanks to Barry Beattie for reporting the problem.

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AIR-based SQLite Admin updated for Beta 3

Updated on Feb 8th 2008: If you downloaded this application before this date, make sure you download the new version (AIR file + source code) for the latest bug fixes. I’m in the process of updating some of the applications I wrote for earlier versions of Flex and AIR. Here is a new version of […]

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