Flex 4 Sample Application using a Java Back-End, BlazeDS 4 and Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards

I put together a new Test Drive environment to allow you to explore the development of Flex 4 applications with a Java back-end using the new “Data-Centric Development” features of Flash Builder 4. These features include service introspection, value object and service stub generation, etc. This Test Drive is still work in progress: it currently […]

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New Flex 4 / Spring Integration Article

Along with the new Spring / BlazeDS Test Drive, I also updated my Flex / Spring integration article for Flex 4. It also reflects the changes in the latest version of the Spring / BlazeDS Integration Project (version 1.0.3). The article is available here. Check it out… Flex + Spring is really a great platform […]

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Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 Released!

Flex 4 and Flash Builder (previously known as Flex Builder) 4 have been released. You can download the products here. Also check out the brand new flex.org, and the reorganized Tour de Flex with a lot of new Flex 4 samples. In addition to the new Spark component model which enables a new level of […]

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FlexStore Revisited: Building an Animated Spark Layout

Six years ago, I wrote the FlexStore sample application for Flex 1.0 (code name Royale at the time). The original version is still running here and shows the progress we have made in six years! Two years later, I rewrote the application for Flex 2. One major difference in the Flex 2 version was that […]

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Cool ItemRenderers Made Easy in Flex 4

Flex 4 makes a lot of things a lot easier to build. After looking at custom components and skins in my previous post, here are a couple of samples focusing on ItemRenderers, States, and Animations. In this first example, I use the new “depth” attribute together with the new States syntax to make sure that […]

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Creating a Custom Component and Skins in Flex 4

The basic idea behind the Spark component model in Flex 4 is to entirely decouple the behavior of a component from its visual representation. You code the behavior of a component in one class and its visual representation in interchangeable MXML skin classes. This new architecture leads to lighter weight and easier to customize components. […]

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Tampa Bay Adobe Developer Event this Thursday

I’ll be in Tampa with James Ward and Greg Wilson this week, and we thought it would be great to put together an informal event for the local Tampa bay developer community. The details below are from Greg’s original post. When: Thursday, Jan 21 6:30pm-8:30pm Location: Taverna Opa Tampa – Channelside – next to Splitsville […]

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AIR 2.0 Web Server using the New Server Socket API

After exploring Java integration using the new Native Process API (here and here), Excel integration using the new file.openWithDefaultApplication(), and the new Microphone API, here is another application I wrote, this time to explore the new Adobe AIR 2.0 Server Socket API. The “Mini AIR Web Server” is a simplistic implementation of an HTTPServer. Needless […]

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