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Revamped Apache Cordova Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I delivered a Cordova/PhoneGap Workshop at jQuery UK in Oxford. Great conference in a great location! I took the opportunity to revamp the workshop I had been delivering at PhoneGap Day in Portland and Amsterdam, and at LXJS in Lisbon. I thought it could be useful to a larger audience, so […]

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Speaking at QCon London Next Week

I’m excited to be speaking at QCon London again this year. The conference is next week, from Wednesday March 6th to Friday March 8th. As always at QCon, the sessions and the speaker lineup look great. I will be speaking in the “Next Generation Mobile Apps” track on Thursday. This year I’ll go well beyond […]

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PhoneGap Q&A

Thanks to all of you who attended my “Architecting a PhoneGap Application” TechLive session on Tuesday, and thanks also for the great feedback. The recording is available here. A lot of my content was based on my PhoneGap Tutorial available here. As promised, here are answers to the questions I didn’t have time to answer […]

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Simple Mobile UI Patterns: Page Swipe with iScroll and PhoneGap

After the Zepto.js swipe event version, here is another implementation of the “Page Swipe” UI pattern. This version is implemented with iScroll and its “snap” feature. Watch a short video here: Notice that the user experience is slightly different compared to the previous version: the content of the target page is revealed as you swipe. […]

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I’m looking forward to speaking about HTML 5 Mobile Development, PhoneGap, JavaScript frameworks, REST with Java (JAX-RS) and PHP, and other topics at some great conferences and Meetups in the coming weeks. Here is the list so far: Amsterdam May 24th GOTO conference more info London May 24th Skillsmatter more info Las Vegas May 30th […]

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Appliness, a New Digital Magazine for Web Developers

My multi-talented colleague Michael Chaize has been working hard on Appliness, a new Digital Magazine for Web developers. Appliness features interactive tutorials, video tutorials, news, application showcases, interviews, etc. Check out the video: Appliness is available on the iPad and Android tablets. (more…)

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