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Sample Application with React Native and the Salesforce Mobile SDK

I recently shared a sample Employee Directory / Org Chart application built with React Native. That version of the application used a Node.js back-end. In this post, I’ll share the same application powered by a Salesforce back-end and built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Salesforce automatically provides the org chart data for users (employees) and […]

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New Version of ForceJS: A JavaScript Library for using the Salesforce APIs in ECMAScript 6 Apps

ForceJS is a micro-library that makes it easy to work with the Salesforce REST APIs in client-side JavaScript applications. I started the project a couple of years ago focusing on three key requirements: Lightweight with no dependencies Include an implementation of the OAuth User Agent workflow Abstract differences between browser-based and Cordova-based application development to […]

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Building a Trivia App with React

I sometimes use a Trivia app at the end of my talks as a replacement for the traditional summary slide, and we have also been using Trivia games as a fun activity at different Salesforce Developer events. In this article, I share a React version of the Trivia application. The app is written with React […]

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Creating Lightning Components with React

The Lightning Component Framework is a great UI framework for building modern components and applications on the Salesforce platform. If you are already invested in other UI frameworks, like React or Angular, you can also integrate components built with these frameworks inside Lightning Components. In this post, I’ll share a project that demonstrates how to […]

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React University: Sample Application with React, Node.js 4, and the Lightning Design System

React University is a sample project demonstrating how to build real-life applications with React, Node.js, and the Lightning Design System. React University is written using ECMAScript 6 at the client-side (leveraging Babel) and at the server-side (leveraging the new ES6 support in Node.js 4). Watch the video for a quick walkthrough of the application: Highlights […]

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Trader Desktop with React and the Lightning Design System on Heroku

After the real estate sample application I shared last week, here is a React + Lightning Design System version of the Trader Desktop sample application I’ve shared before using other frameworks. The Lightning Design System is the new CSS toolkit from Salesforce that provides a set of UI components, UI patterns and guidelines focused on […]

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Reference Application with React, Node.js, and the Lightning Design System

If you are building business apps with React, I created a reference application with React and the Lightning Design System: the new language, framework, and vendor-independent CSS toolkit from Salesforce that provides a set of UI components, UI patterns and guidelines focused on Business/Enterprise app development. Check out this video for a quick walkthrough: The […]

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Building React Applications with Babel, ECMAScript 6 and Modules

With the deprecation of the React tools, the availability of ECMAScript 6 features (natively or through transpilers), and the emergence of Babel as both the React tools replacement and the ECMAScript 6 transpiler of choice, I thought I’d share a simple reference application built with this new stack. In this article, I’ll share three versions […]

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