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Building Pluggable and Mock Data Adapters for Web and PhoneGap Applications

This is not rocket science, but when planning your web or mobile architecture, it is important to make sure your client application is not tightly coupled to a specific data access strategy. The Problem In tightly coupled applications, the presentation logic is intertwined with data access logic (for example, $.ajax() calls), and it leads to […]

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Hardware-Accelerated Page Transitions for Mobile Web Apps / PhoneGap Apps

I have been delivering a few PhoneGap Architecture and Performance talks in recent weeks. One of the performance techniques I talk about is –no surprise– the use of Hardware (GPU) Accelerated animations when available on the device. A typical example in a mobile application, is to hardware accelerate your page transitions. Even though this capability […]

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PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build in 5 Minutes

During the last couple of months, I have been on the road presenting our new HTML tools as part of the Create the Web tour with many other members of the team. The tour was a lot of fun with a lot of great feedback from designers and developers. The main challenge of the event […]

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New Tutorial: Developing and Architecting a PhoneGap Application

A couple of weeks ago, I delivered a full day PhoneGap workshop at QCon San Francisco. The workshop went very well, and I thought the materials could be useful to a larger audience. So I turned the workshop instructions into more detailed tutorial instructions. This is a lot more than the usual Getting Started tutorial: […]

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New PhoneGap API Explorer available on the App Store

I created a new version of PhoneGap API Explorer that is now available on the App Store. PhoneGap API Explorer is an API reference application for PhoneGap device integration capabilities. The application clearly presents the syntax for each function, and allows you to provide values for the function’s arguments, invoke the function from within the […]

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Simple Mobile UI Patterns: Page Swipe with Zepto.js and PhoneGap

As I’m working on improving the user experience of some of my recent mobile appliations, I thought it could be useful to start documenting some basic UI patterns for mobile apps. The goal is not to provide yet another UI framework, but rather to document the basic/raw approach (or different approaches) to implement a specific […]

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PhoneGap Live API Explorer

During my still ongoing PhoneGap tour, I wrote “PhoneGap Live API Explorer”, a new tablet application that gives you access to documentation for the PhoneGap Device Integration APIs, and allows you to experiment with these APIs inside the application. You can watch a short video below. Go full screen for a better viewing experience. (more…)

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