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PhoneGap and Cordova with iOS 7

Now that it’s officially available, I wanted to share my experience running and building PhoneGap / Cordova applications on iOS 7. Running Existing Apps The first thing I tried to do after the upgrade process was to run the existing PhoneGap applications already installed on my phone. Good news: They run “as is” (with a […]

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Pull-to-Refresh in PhoneGap and Topcoat Applications

Pull-to-refresh has become a standard UI pattern to refresh lists in mobile applications, and there is no reason not to use it in PhoneGap / Cordova applications. A first option is to use iScroll, which has pull-to-refresh built-in. That’s a great option for older OS versions or platforms that do not support touch-based scrolling natively. […]

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Building Modular Mobile/PhoneGap Apps with Backbone.js, RequireJS & Topcoat — Sample App

In my previous post, I discussed the process of building modular applications with Backbone.js and RequireJS, and I shared a new version of my Employee Directory sample application built with Backbone.js, RequireJS, and Twitter Bootstrap. In this post, I share the Mobile/PhoneGap version of the same application. This application is an example of how to […]

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PhoneGap Plugin for the Dropbox Sync API

A couple of weeks ago, I started working on a PhoneGap application that required file synchronization between the users computer and their mobile device. I looked at the new Dropbox Sync API and decided to give it a try. The Dropbox Sync API is available for iOS and Android. So, I created a PhoneGap plugin […]

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Sample Mobile / PhoneGap Application with Backbone.js and Ratchet

I continue my experiments with different frameworks and UI toolkits to build mobile and PhoneGap applications. In this post, I use Backbone.js as the architectural framework and Ratchet as the UI toolkit to build my Employee Directory reference application. You can experience the application below: Click here to run the app in a full browser […]

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