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How to Upload Pictures from a PhoneGap App to Amazon S3

In my previous post, I shared a sample application demonstrating how to upload pictures from a PhoneGap application to a Node.js server. If your application deals with lots of images, it may be a good idea to host them on a dedicated storage infrastructure like Amazon S3, and let your own server focus on delivering […]

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Pull-to-Refresh in PhoneGap and Topcoat Applications

Pull-to-refresh has become a standard UI pattern to refresh lists in mobile applications, and there is no reason not to use it in PhoneGap / Cordova applications. A first option is to use iScroll, which has pull-to-refresh built-in. That’s a great option for older OS versions or platforms that do not support touch-based scrolling natively. […]

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Building Modular Mobile/PhoneGap Apps with Backbone.js, RequireJS & Topcoat — Sample App

In my previous post, I discussed the process of building modular applications with Backbone.js and RequireJS, and I shared a new version of my Employee Directory sample application built with Backbone.js, RequireJS, and Twitter Bootstrap. In this post, I share the Mobile/PhoneGap version of the same application. This application is an example of how to […]

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Sample Mobile / PhoneGap Application with Backbone.js and Ratchet

I continue my experiments with different frameworks and UI toolkits to build mobile and PhoneGap applications. In this post, I use Backbone.js as the architectural framework and Ratchet as the UI toolkit to build my Employee Directory reference application. You can experience the application below: Click here to run the app in a full browser […]

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Building Pluggable and Mock Data Adapters for Web and PhoneGap Applications

This is not rocket science, but when planning your web or mobile architecture, it is important to make sure your client application is not tightly coupled to a specific data access strategy. The Problem In tightly coupled applications, the presentation logic is intertwined with data access logic (for example, $.ajax() calls), and it leads to […]

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