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Single-Page CRUD Application with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap

A few weeks weeks ago, I posted a first Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap sample application. While interesting, “Employee Directory” is a read-only application. As such, it doesn’t show off the full power of Backbone’s models or the coolness of some of Bootstrap’s data entry features such as forms, validation, etc. To demonstrate these features, I […]

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Backbone.js Lessons Learned and Improved Sample App

A few weeks ago, I posted a three-part Backbone.js tutorial (part 1, part 2, part 3). Since then, I spent more time building a real-life application with Backbone. I ran into a number of interesting problems, spent time thinking about solutions, and decided to write them down in this post. These are not definitive answers, […]

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Using Backbone.js with a RESTful Java Back-End

In a previous post, RESTful services with jQuery and Java using JAX-RS and Jersey, I demonstrated how to build a RESTful API using JAX-RS and Jersey, and how to build a jQuery application that leverages that API. The application used as an example was a Wine Cellar management application. In follow-up posts, “Backbone.js Wine Cellar […]

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Tutorial: HTML Templates with Mustache.js

} When developing modern HTML applications, you often write a lot of HTML fragments programmatically. You concatenate HTML tags and dynamic data, and insert the resulting UI markup into the DOM. Here is a random code example of this approach: The proliferation of this kind of code throughout your application comes with some downsides. The […]

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Backbone.js Wine Cellar Tutorial — Part 1: Getting Started

One of the challenges when building nontrivial Web applications is that JavaScript’s non-directive nature can initially lead to a lack of structure in your code, or in other words, a lack of… backbone. JavaScript is often written as a litany of free-hanging and unrelated blocks of code, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes […]

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Building Apps with jQuery and JAX-RS – Sample App

In my previous post, I discussed the process of building RESTful services in Java using JAX-RS and Jersey. As an example, I shared a web application that provides a simple RESTful API for an Employee directory application: /rest/employees — Returns all employees /rest/employees/1 — Returns an employee identified by id (employee 1 in this case) […]

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