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Backbone.js Lessons Learned and Improved Sample App

A few weeks ago, I posted a three-part Backbone.js tutorial (part 1, part 2, part 3). Since then, I spent more time building a real-life application with Backbone. I ran into a number of interesting problems, spent time thinking about solutions, and decided to write them down in this post. These are not definitive answers, […]

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Using Backbone.js with a RESTful Java Back-End

In a previous post, RESTful services with jQuery and Java using JAX-RS and Jersey, I demonstrated how to build a RESTful API using JAX-RS and Jersey, and how to build a jQuery application that leverages that API. The application used as an example was a Wine Cellar management application. In follow-up posts, “Backbone.js Wine Cellar […]

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Tutorial: HTML Templates with Mustache.js

} When developing modern HTML applications, you often write a lot of HTML fragments programmatically. You concatenate HTML tags and dynamic data, and insert the resulting UI markup into the DOM. Here is a random code example of this approach: The proliferation of this kind of code throughout your application comes with some downsides. The […]

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