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Sample Mobile App with Backbone.js, PhoneGap, and a Local Database

In my previous post, I shared a simple Wine Cellar application built with Backbone.js and packaged as a mobile app with PhoneGap. That version of the application gets its data from a set of RESTful services, which means that you can only use it while online. In this post, we explore an offline version of […]

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MAX Frameworks Session: One Application, Four Implementations (Code Available)

This year at MAX, I organized a “Flex Frameworks” session called “Using Flex Frameworks to build Data Driven Applications”. I wanted to stay away from a high level / rhetorical debate or panel. I also did not want a session aimed at proclaiming a (subjective) winner. What I had in mind was a pragmatic session […]

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Building a Flex Application with the Parsley Framework

After my recent explorations of “Swiz”, and “Spring ActionScript” (1,2,3), I decided to take the new version of the Parsley framework for a test drive, and build the Parsley version of inSync: the simple Contact Management application I often use to try out and demonstrate different features and techniques in Flex and Adobe AIR. Parsley […]

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The "Spring ActionScript" Framework – Part 2: Autowiring

In the first part of this series, we looked at how the “Spring ActionScript” framework can help you externalize the configuration and the wiring of your components, and how you can easily obtain configured objects using applicationContext.getObject(). In this second part, we will discuss how you can make these objects available to the views of […]

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