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Fact Check Michele Bachmann with Politifact and Flex

During the GOP presidential debate last night, Michelle Bachmann said this: After the debate that we had last week, Politifact came out and said that everything I said was true. Did Politifact really give her a “True” rating across the board for a performance in the previous debate? The best way to check if you […]

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Video: New Components in Flex 4.6

Holly and I have been working on an Expense Report application for tablets. We used a Flex 4.5 version in our session at MAX this year, but we have also been working on a 4.6 version in parallel. The new components in Flex 4.6 are really helping delivering a great experience on tablets. You can […]

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Flex / Spring Mobile Test Drive: Learn the Best Way to Build Java-Backed iOS, Android and PlayBook Apps

Flex is a powerful application framework for building first-class mobile applications for iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry PlayBook using a single programming model, a single tool, and a single code base. If you are a Java developer, the Flex programming model is also easy to master because it is syntactically very close to Java. The […]

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Using jQuery in a Flex Application

This is a follow up to my previous post on how to invoke a JavaScript function in an HTML document hosted in a Flex application (using the StageWebView). The Flex application of course doesn’t care about — and is not aware of — the way your JavaScript is written and which libraries you use. However, […]

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Flex Mobile: Invoking JavaScript in a StageWebView

The StageWebView allows you to render HTML content inside a Flex application using the underlying HTML rendering engine available on your mobile device. In some situations, the Flex application may need to communicate with the HTML document hosted in the StageWebWiew. In other words, you may need to invoke a JavaScript function available in that […]

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MobileDashboard for iOS, Android, and PlayBook: Source code available on GitHub

I continue to see a very high level of interest for data visualization applications on mobile devices. Tablets in particular are fast becoming the device of choice for dashboards, analytics, and BI applications. With its powerful charting components library, Flex is the ideal solution for building these applications. And because it’s Flex, it’s also cross-platform: […]

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MobileTrader for iOS, Android, and PlayBook: Source code now available on GitHub

I made some changes to the MobileTrader application and took the opportunity to push the source code to GitHub. You can get it here: This version was built with the shipping version of Flex and Flash Builder 4.5.1 which has built-in support for iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The most notable change in […]

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