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MobileTrader for iOS, Android, and PlayBook: Source code now available on GitHub

I made some changes to the MobileTrader application and took the opportunity to push the source code to GitHub. You can get it here: This version was built with the shipping version of Flex and Flash Builder 4.5.1 which has built-in support for iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The most notable change in […]

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Adobe Collaborates with SpringSource for Enhanced Flex / Spring Integration

I have written several times about the Flex / Spring integration on this blog. Now things are about to get even simpler and more integrated. This is very exciting news! From the press release: Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that it is working with SpringSource to simplify the development and deployment of rich enterprise Java(TM) […]

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Salesbuilder 1.5 with new AIR 1.5 Database Encryption

As you probably already know, AIR 1.5 is now available. New features include database encryption, Flash Player 10 support, and an updated version of WebKit. I updated my Salesbuilder sample application to leverage the AIR 1.5 capabilities. Salesbuilder 1.5 leverages the new database encryption feature to allow you to secure your local database. The first […]

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Live Help / Call Center Application with Flex and BlazeDS

I recently posted a number of examples (Yahoo Maps Collaboration and Collaborative Data Entry) showing how to use the BlazeDS / LCDS Message Service to build collaborative applications. In this post, I’m extending the Collaborative Forms application to provide an example of a more complete and real life “Live Help / Call Center” application. (more…)

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Yahoo Maps Collaboration using Flex and BlazeDS

Two years ago, I wrote a simple Google Maps collaboration example. The Flex application listened to Google Maps events to synchronize maps between different users. It also added nice collaboration features such as videoconferencing and a collaborative whiteboard overlaid on top of the map. In addition to demonstrating the real-time messaging capabilities of Flex, this […]

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Flex Test Drive Server for Java Developers (Tomcat-based)

I have been working on a Tomcat-based “Flex Test Drive Server”. The Test Drive Server is a minimal and ready-to-use version of Tomcat (currently version 5.5.20) in which the Flex Data Services (version 2.0.1) WAR file has already been deployed and configured along with a variety of tutorials and sample applications. It allows you to […]

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Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server

I presented a session called “Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server” at MAX (the Adobe developer conference) last week. Beyond the basics of the Flex pub/sub messaging infrastructure, the session provided techniques to build real life collaborative applications. I started with a simple chatroom, and then incrementally added features to […]

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