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Using the SQLite Database Access API in AIR… Part 3: Annotation-Based ORM Framework

In the second version of our contact management application, we encapsulated the data access logic for the Contact entity in a Data Access Object (ContactDAO). This separation of concerns represented a major improvement compared to our first approach. The remaining limitation we identified was the amount of SQL we had to write “manually”. In this […]

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My MAX LCDS/BlazeDS Sessions Materials Available

Many of you have asked me for the materials I used in my LCDS/BlazeDS hands-on sessions at MAX. Here are the links: Lab instructions PDF (Powering Flex Applications with BlazeDS and Data Services) Lab files (including final solutions) If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you should be able to use this as a […]

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Sneak Peek of LiveCycle Data Services "Next" Tomorrow at MAX

I will demonstrate some new and really exciting features of LiveCycle Data Services “Next” tomorrow (Monday), as part of my session called “Introduction to BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services ES”. I hope to see you there if you are interested in Data Services for Flex. Introduction to BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services ES Moscone West […]

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Live Help / Call Center Application with Flex and BlazeDS

I recently posted a number of examples (Yahoo Maps Collaboration and Collaborative Data Entry) showing how to use the BlazeDS / LCDS Message Service to build collaborative applications. In this post, I’m extending the Collaborative Forms application to provide an example of a more complete and real life “Live Help / Call Center” application. (more…)

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Yahoo Maps Collaboration using Flex and BlazeDS

Two years ago, I wrote a simple Google Maps collaboration example. The Flex application listened to Google Maps events to synchronize maps between different users. It also added nice collaboration features such as videoconferencing and a collaborative whiteboard overlaid on top of the map. In addition to demonstrating the real-time messaging capabilities of Flex, this […]

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Speaking about BlazeDS and LCDS "Next" at Flex 360 in Atlanta, February 26-27th

I will be presenting at Flex 360 in Atlanta. My session will be focused on building Flex and AIR applications that leverage the new features of BlazeDS and of the next (and never demonstrated before) version of LiveCycle Data Services. Once again, this promises to be a really great event with great speakers and Flex […]

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