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New Mobile Trader Desktop Demo App for Android

I built a new “Mobile Trader Desktop” application that I published on the Android Market. This is a demo application (with simulated data) built with Flex “Hero” and running on AIR for Android. To install the application, just search for “Mobile Trader” on the Android Market, or access the following URL from your device’s browser: […]

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Tutorial: Building an Android Application in 6 Steps

A few months ago, when I started working with Android, I built an Employee Directory application as an experimentation project. I thought this application could be useful to other developers starting with Android, so I’ve made it available as a Google Code project. Check out the step-by-step tutorial here. NOTE: This tutorial describes how to […]

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Employee Directory for "AIR for Android" Updated

I updated my Employee Directory on AIR for Android sample application to work with the latest AIR for Android build (8/26/2010). To make it easier to find the latest version of the application, I also created a project page for the application where you will always be able to download the lastest build. That way […]

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Multi-User Google Maps Collaboration on Android

This application allows users in different locations to work together in Google Maps. The collaboration features in this application include: Video Chat Map Synchronization on move, zoom, etc. Whiteboarding Cursor sharing When running on Android, the application can use the device’s GPS to share your location. This is just another example of “built-in” collaboration (go […]

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Multi-User Video Tic-Tac-Toe for Android

My previous post, “Video Chat for Android in 30 Lines of Code”, has generated a good level of interest. A slight twist on the same idea is to build collaboration into your applications. The use case here is slightly different: instead of enabling simple “video conversations” between remote users, this level of collaboration enables remote […]

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Video Chat for Android in 30 Lines of Code

Here is a simple Video Chat application I built with Flex 4 and deployed on AIR for Android. The Application is just 30 lines of code and allows multiple users to join a chat room and “video chat”. Video streaming is powered by LiveCycle Collaboration Services, a set of hosted Flash Services that enable developers […]

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