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Video Chat for Android in 30 Lines of Code

Here is a simple Video Chat application I built with Flex 4 and deployed on AIR for Android. The Application is just 30 lines of code and allows multiple users to join a chat room and “video chat”. Video streaming is powered by LiveCycle Collaboration Services, a set of hosted Flash Services that enable developers […]

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"Voice Notes" Updated for AIR 2 GA

To mark the official release of AIR 2, I’m upgrading the samples I built during the beta, starting today with “Voice Notes”. Voice Notes is a sample application that leverages the new Microphone API. The application lets you record voice notes and store them in a SQLite database so that you can replay them later. […]

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Sample Application using Flex and AIR for Android

Here is a simple Employee Directory application I wrote to demonstrate how to build Flex applications for Android using the AIR runtime. Watch the video: The key point when you look at the source code of this application is that you build Flex applications for Android the exact same way you build Flex applications for […]

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Android Trader Application with Flex 4 and AIR

I recently blogged about building a Real Time Trader Desktop Application using Flex 4 and LiveCycle Data Services. I posted the source code for the AIR version and the Browser version of the application. The next logical step was to build a Mobile version. I used Flex 4 and the prerelease version of AIR for […]

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"Open in Excel": Another AIR 2 Mini Sample

In Adobe AIR 1.0 and 1.5, there were different options to “open” the data of a Flex DataGrid in Excel. For example, you could leverage the AIR native drag-and-drop support to drag rows from the DataGrid to an open Excel spreadsheet. You could also drag rows to the desktop (or anywhere on the file system) […]

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