Voice Notes for Android

VoiceNotes for Android is a sample application built with Flex and deployed on Adobe AIR for Android. The application allows you to record voice messages and play them back later. It demonstrates the Microphone API introduced in the latest builds of AIR for Android. VoiceNotes for Android is based on the desktop version of VoiceNotes I recently blogged as an AIR 2 sample.

Watch the video:


Application file VoiceNotes.apk 09/02/2010
Project file VoiceNotes.fxp 09/02/2010

If you want to compile or run the application on your device, make sure you install the latest version of the AIR for Android SDK and Runtime respectively.

  • jack

    I’ve been trying to build this. When I load the fxp file into “burrito”, it says I have an “application” and not a “mobileApplication”. I cant run it on the android simulator or build it to download to a device.

    The app I’m trying to write is very similar to this so I’d really like to leverage what you have written.

    How do I change it to a mobileApplication?

  • warxsg


    I am pretty new of Android and I am really interested in the API for the microphone.
    Your example is great, so I wanted to ask you if could be possible to have the java source code of the application.


  • Jordy Langen

    Hi, my name is Jordy Langen and I’m a Computer Science Student at Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen, The Netherlands. I need to develop an Android application with some other students for video conferencing, pushing calls, setting a real time precense, integration with e-mail/agenda and some other basic call features. We are now doing some research and when looking for information about Video Conferencing we only find some news articles, that’s how I found youre Video Conference app made with Adobe AIR.

    We are completely free on how to make this app, so we are also allowed to make Android Apps using AIR. Now is my question if I can contact you by e-mail if you are willing to give us some hints/tips/pointers about a video conference app.

    Best regards,

    Jordy Langen

  • seth

    ignore my last comment, restarting the phone fixed it.

  • Hi

    Sorry to bother you with such a thing, but…

    I’m an experienced developer but new to flash and the Android platform. I was interested in looking at your sound recording demo app (Voices note for android) source code.

    When I download the fxp file my copy of catalyst moans that the fxp file has been modified outside catalyst and refuses to load.

    Once I can get to the source code I do not anticipate further problems/questions.

    Any ideas.

    Thanks in advance, and again sorry for troubling you with this no doubt trivial question.



  • skye

    hi I’m Skye i enjoy your apps these have so far lasted me a while thanks

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