DreamHouse: Sample Application with Ionic 3 and Angular 4

Ionic 3.0 has arrived! It was time to update the DreamHouse sample application. In this post, I share a new version of DreamHouse built with Ionic 3 and Angular 4.

Watch the video:

Source Code

The source code and installation instructions are available in this repository.

3-Minute Installation

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Cordova and Ionic:
    npm install -g cordova
    npm install -g ionic
  2. Clone the repository:

    git clone https://github.com/dreamhouseapp/dreamhouse-mobile-ionic
  3. Navigate to the dreamhouse-mobile-ionic directory :

    cd dreamhouse-mobile-ionic
  4. Install the dependencies

    npm install
  5. Run the app

    ionic serve

Mock and REST Services

The app comes with two interchangeable implementations of the data services:

  • The Mock services implementation uses in-memory data and are used for prototyping or testing purpose.
  • The REST services implementation uses Angular’s new observable-based http object to access Node.js-based REST services.

The mock services implementation is used by default. Follow the instructions in the repository readme file to switch to the REST services implementation.