New and Improved Ionic 2 Sample Application

Earlier this year, I shared a real estate sample application built with the first beta of Ionic 2. Many things have changed in Ionic 2 since then, and it was time for an update. In this post, I’ll share a new and improved version of the app built with the latest release candidate.

Watch the video:

Hosted Version

Click here to run a hosted version of the app in your browser. Use the Google Chrome device emulator or simply resize your browser for a phone-like experience.

Source Code

The source code and installation instructions are available in this repository.

Mock and REST Services

The app comes with two interchangeable implementations of the data services:

  • The Mock services implementation uses in-memory data and are used for prototyping or testing purpose.
  • The REST services implementation uses Angular’s new observable-based http object to access Node.js-based REST services.


You can now see the list of properties on a map. The map view is implemented with Leaflet and provides an example of integrating third party libraries in an Ionic app built with TypeScript.