Belgian Beer Explorer with AngularJS and Ionic

In my previous post, I shared a Belgian Beer Explorer application built with React, Bootstrap, Node.js and Postgres.

In this post, I’m sharing the same application built with AngularJS and Ionic.

Application Highlights

  • Like the original version, the mobile version lets users search and explore over 1700 Belgian beers by name, style, brewery, alcohol content, etc.
  • The mobile version uses the same Node.js back-end to access data through REST services.
  • Instead of the Previous/Next pagination of the original version, the mobile version uses Ionic’s cool infinite scrolling feature.

Running the Application

This version of the application is meant to be installed on your mobile device. However, because it’s built as a hybrid app, you can also run it in your browser.

Click here to run the application in your browser.

Source Code

The Source Code is available in this GitHub repository.

  • Horst

    Nice app. But scrolling doesen’t work on my Samsung S3 with the default browser. With Chrome it works.

  • Tolu

    Hello Christophe,

    Thank you for sharing as always, I have followed all the different iterations of the ’employee directory and wine cellar’ apps, thank you for sharing knowledge with the world.

    I liked the fact that you implemented infinite scrolling on this one – you made it look very easy and straight forward to implement.

    Here’s my question – how would you go about adding ‘pull to refresh’ to the features of this app? Would you set the page variable to 1 on each pull and reset/overwrite $scope.products? Please kindly share your views on this as I am currently working on an ionic app that has both infinite scrolling and pull to refresh as features.

    Thank you.

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  • very great application

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