Salesforce Mobile SDK Presentation

Thanks everybody for attending my “Salesforce Mobile SDK” session at Salesforce1 World Tour in New York last week.

The HTML slides for my session are available here (click the slide below to start):


I ran the presentation as a hybrid app built with the Mobile SDK on my iPad so that I could demonstrate Mobile SDK features from within the presentation. When you run the presentation in a browser, certain features are not available. For example, taking a picture of the audience and share it on chatter (“You” slide). Also, make sure you enable the Salesforce OAuth popup. Once you authorize the application, you’ll be able to run the samples built directly into the presentation (list of contacts, etc).

Source Code

The source code for the presentation is available in this repository.

Running as a Hybrid App

  1. Clone this repository
  2. If you plan to run the app on an iOS device, adjust config.xml: modify widget id and specify a value corresponding to a provisioning profile that you provisioned for your device.
  3. Build the project: cordova build ios
  4. For iOS, open MobileSDKPreso.xcodeproj in Xcode
  5. Run the project on your device or in an emulator

Sample App

My demo at the end of the presentation was built with the Ionic CLI using the Salesforce Starter App that automatically installs the Salesforce Mobile SDK as a Cordova Plugin. More info here: