New Salesforce Tutorial for Developers

Based on my own experience learning the Salesforce platform a few months ago, I put together a tutorial for developers new to Salesforce development.

The objective was to boil down a sometimes intimidating number of features to some of the core concepts you need to know to get started quickly and efficiently.

The list of topics includes:

  • Create Custom Objects
  • Use declarative features to create an Application, create Tabs, and optimize Page Layouts
  • Create Apex Classes
  • Use SOQL and DML to query, create, update and delete data
  • Create Triggers
  • Create Visualforce Pages
  • Create Controller Extensions and Custom Controllers
  • Use JavaScript in Visualforce Pages
  • Authenticate using OAuth
  • Access Salesforce data from JavaScript using JavaScript Remoting
  • Create a Custom Application using the REST APIs
  • Create Unit Tests
  • Create Batch Processes

You should be able to go through this tutorial in a few hours, and even if you have never used Salesforce before, or have never developed on the Salesforce platform, the goal is to give you the foundation you need to start developing productively.

The workshop is available here.

I’d love to hear your feedback (issues you ran into, instructions you felt confusing, etc), and any suggestion you may have to improve the workshop. Feel free to leave a comment here, or create an issue in the GitHub repository here.

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