A New Adventure

After 10 great years at Adobe, I’ve accepted a new challenge as a developer evangelist with salesforce.com. I’ve truly enjoyed my time at Adobe, and I’ll fondly remember the great culture, the great technology, and the great people.

I’m very excited about my new challenge at Salesforce. My focus will continue to be on helping developers be successful at building web and mobile apps, and I’ll continue to share code, libraries, and my own experience exploring new technologies. This blog will continue to feature my experiments and samples with Backbone, Angular, and whatever comes next.

Because the Salesforce Mobile SDK for hybrid apps is built on top of Cordova, I’m also excited that I’ll continue to work with Cordova/PhoneGap to help developers build great experiences on mobile devices, going deeper in some interesting issues with enterprise applications.

  • Mete Atamel

    Congrats and good luck!

  • Jeremy

    Good luck and thank you for the inspirations, keep it up !

  • Congratulations on the new venture!

  • Waldo Smeets

    It was a pleasure working with you and dropping you off for visits to your parents whilst you where here! All the best at Salesforce, they will truly enjoy having you on board!

  • Congratulations and thanks for all the great informations your web site has provided over the years.

  • Congrats, Christophe thanks for your insightful information on new technologies and bon voyage on your new Journey!

  • Johan

    Congratulations and ask the best. Look forward to more best articles. SalesForce also acquired GoInstant / GoAngular so hopefully we’ll some articles/tutorials covering those as well.

    • We’re using goinstant and phonegap to deliver our mobile application to the salesforce portal. We’ve started that integration but can’t find any documentation or hints/tips. Should we be using websockets? Does webrtc figure? Anything that could help us would be welcome.

  • Hi Chris,

    congratulations and thanks lot for your unbeateable tutorials!

  • Seth

    Congratulations and Good Luck!

  • :: fist bump ::

  • Thanks Everybody! I appreciate the nice words. I’ll definitely continue to post tutorials and sample apps on this blog.

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