New Cordova/PhoneGap 3.x Tutorial


Last November, I delivered a full day Cordova/PhoneGap workshop with Brian Leroux at the great Full Frontal JavaScript Conference in Brighton, UK. I put some new materials (specific to Cordova 3.x) together for the occasion, and I also updated some existing content.

The workshop was well received, and I thought the materials could be useful to a larger audience. So, I beefed up the workshop instructions to make them suitable for a self-paced tutorial. The tutorial goes beyond the basics with a special focus on architecture, best practices, and performance.

The tutorial is available here.

  • Hello Christophe,
    thank you for this great tutorial. I always enjoy reading your guides :)

  • Robert

    Hi Cristophe,

    thanks for your great blog about phonegap. Can I ask for some favor, if you could make sample for topcoat with menu-stack of menu just like with hamburger menu of facebook.


  • Tiago Ferreira

    Hi Cristophe,

    Can you show how you did the hamburguer/slide menu that you shown on lxjs application?


  • Kaue Machado

    Hey Christoph!
    I started a new project using Cordova and your blog is being of great help!
    Awesome content, keep up the great work!

  • jeremy


    I am converting my app from Android to iOS and am using PhoneGap 2.6.

    The Phonegap site says I must use the latest Apple tools ie XCode 6. XCode 6 only works with iOS SDK 8!

    But I need to develop for iOS7 and 8.

    So which version of XCode can I use, if at all with PhoneGap 2.6?


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  • duka ile sizi korkutacak koksal reyis. ayik olun ayanlar.

  • sumanth

    is the phonegap /cordava supports sqlite database.
    if supports please post the procedure


  • yuvaraj singh

    Great work
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