Exploring and Contributing to Web Platform Docs

Every programming language, platform, or library has its go-to web site for documentation and API reference: You probably go here if you are a Java developer, here for PHP, here for Ruby, here for jQuery, here or here for your database documentation needs, etc.

But where do you go for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS documentation?

For me, it’s often a Google search followed by the process of skimming through dozens of search results trying to find the answer that’s accurate, current, reflects best practices, and works across browsers and operating systems.

The goal of Web Platform Docs launched last week is to streamline that process and become the go-to site for web platform documentation: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, Canvas, SVG, etc.

Web Platform Docs is a collaborative effort between the W3C, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera. The site is still in alpha, but a lot of content has already been contributed by the vendors involved in the project. And as a community, we can all contribute content and expertise to help create the reference site for the web platform.

  • Now I believe WPD would be the one-stop solution for HTML, CSS and Javascript documentation. And yes, the ‘contribute’ stuff seems really cool.

    5 minute tasks (grammar correction) all the way up to the serious ones.

    Looking forward to contribute in some manner…

  • thank you for this very informative post…

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  • Krishna Loyal

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  • robert ashod

    Google search followed Mod apk by the process of skimming through dozens of search results trying to find the answer that’s accurate