PhoneGap API Explorer for Android now on Google Play

After I published the iOS version on the Apple App Store, a number of people asked for an Android version. I just published it on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

PhoneGap API Explorer is an API reference application for PhoneGap device integration capabilities. The application clearly presents the syntax for each function, and allows you to provide values for the function’s arguments, invoke the function from within the application, and see immediate results. PhoneGap API Explorer provides a unique and interactive learning experience.

You can read more about the application and watch a video in my initial post about the iOS release.

Source Code

The iOS and the Android versions share the exact same code. Some platform specific CSS styles are dynamically applied through device detection to provide a natural experience on each platform. I will make the source code available on GitHub soon, ready for you to build on PhoneGap Build.

Here are a few more screenshots:

  • Ryan

    Thanks for creating this app, I look forward to looking at the source code.

    I did experience a few minor problems with the app on a Droid Razr w/ICS 4.04

    1) Notification –>beep appears to play my ring tone repeatedly without a obvious way to stop it (used android task killer)
    2) settings feature doesn’t appear to function, no settings menu
    3) no clear version number for Phonegap/Cordova mentioned on the home page other than the app title

  • Christophe

    Thanks for the feedback. For #3, click “Device” in the list of APIs. That will give you the Cordova version.

  • Adolfus Adams

    This app is really a fantastic resource.

    Even though Blackberry maybe facing some challenges it is still used by many in certain markets.

    Could you or you would do a version for the Blackberry? (Please do…)

    Much thanks in advance.

  • arjun t raj

    hi , i test this app in Galaxy S3 but contacts api did not works fine always give only name and some times scroll not works .
    eg contacts that i got : arjun undefind.

  • arjun t raj

    Hi sir i test ios version in Ipad 2 , In contacts APi i got result like this

    Arjun null

    even if my contacts have phone number and email

  • arjun t raj

    Hi sir this app sometimes not working in S3 it . got some alert with message like “application Error /www/index.html connection time out” . and totally app crash after checking Contacts api, Camera api . After capturing image got message to save then app crash.

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  • Tac Tacelosky

    This is terrific. Will you be updating the source code on Will you do it as an Android branch, or put everything into ‘master’? Can’t tell if this is using the 2.0 API (running it on my Android phone, and it won’t let me scroll below Contacts, so I can’t get to Device).

    Thanks for putting it together — with the source code right there, it’ll be very easy to figure out how to make each call.

  • Tac Tacelosky

    The latest version fixed the scroll problem in the menu — thanks! (And I see that it is running Cordova 2.0). Will you be making the source code available?

  • Thanks for the feedback. I’m pretty busy this week, but the source code should be coming early next week.

    • Tac Tacelosky

      The app no longer works on my iPad, it stopped when I upgraded to the new iOS, which I think needs Cordova 2.1. I can try to fix it if you push the latest source to github, it’s probably just updating the library. Is the right place?

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