jQuery Mobile "Getting Started" Application

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an Employee Directory sample application built with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. That application was implemented “Ajax-style”, keeping the UI and the data access code cleanly separated. In other words: no server code intermingled in the HTML markup.

A number of people have asked for a similar example using a “classic” (non-Ajax) implementation where pages (markup + data) are entirely built at the server-side before being delivered to the client.

So, here is simpler version of the same application built “sans Ajax”. I used PHP in this version, but you can of course use your favorite server-side technology (Java, .NET, CF, RoR, etc).

Run the application

Click here to run the application.

Download the source code

Click here to download the source code. Edit config.php to make sure it matches your database configuration.

Running the Application with PhoneGap

With this implementation, the application files can’t be installed locally on the device since pages are created dynamically on the server side. So, in the PhoneGap application, instead of loading a local HTML file, you point to a file hosted on your web server. Here is the code for my main Android activity. Greg has a great post on this topic (I haven’t tried it on iOS myself yet).

package org.coenraets.directory;

import com.phonegap.DroidGap;

import android.os.Bundle;

public class EmployeeDirectoryJQMPHPActivity extends DroidGap {
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        super.setBooleanProperty("loadInWebView", true);



To recap the difference between the two versions: In the original (Ajax) version, the server side code exposes a set of services consumed by an HTML/JS client. In this new (non-Ajax) version, the server-side code returns fully assembled HTML pages (markup + data).

The original (Ajax) version has many benefits:

  1. Your UI code doesn’t have a dependency on a specific server-side technology.
  2. Your data access logic doesn’t have a dependency on a specific UI technology.
  3. You can manipulate the data on the client side (i.e. sort using different criteria) without requiring a server roundtrip.
  4. That decoupled architecture also works offline when working with a local database.

When none of the items above is a requirement of your application, the “non-Ajax” approach may work too and may even have some benefits. In particular, it makes the jQuery Mobile page navigation model easier to handle.

  • Yes Phonegap is amazing, it completely cuts down development time tremendously. In addition jquery mobile UI looks great. Its interesting to see your choice of app. I’m developing an app that looks just like the one that you built! Great stuff, keep up the amazing work.

  • Excelente, Gracias, Gracias, Gracias

  • I’m creating an ios app for our church. In a couple pages of the app I will need to pull content from our website (Made with expression engine) into the app. Would this be the best method of doing so or should I go a different route? I’ve read about doing it with JSON but that seems like you need special API hooks that the website has (like twitter). Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Peter

    Nice article, it was so helpful for me. But what if my server is not available for any reason? (no internet connection, server crash, etc.) Do you know any solution to handle HTTP error codes and show a customized 404 page? (instead of the default one)

  • i want to know that if i am required the data from the server form the the url like xyz.php then how can we get and display the data into it through json. plz provide me information

    • kishore

      even i’ve the same question as yours…pls reply if you found the answer elsewhere…

  • Thanks for the article, Still not sure whether to use ajax navigation or not though

  • Bill Soriano

    An excellent tutorial, great effort of your part to share your knowledge, thank you very much for that.
    I have a question about the example, this basically query information and you recomend separate server(php)+www(html,js,css,etc)… but if I want to insert or update information, how I can do this at time of do submit for pass the data?

  • Novia

    How can i run the application? is is possible importing to a local server like xampp

  • dab

    Thanks for the article. It this like creating a “mobile version” ie browser version using jquery mobile and PHP inline, but make it downloadable as a native app?

  • Jayanth

    thanks for the post…but i have a question…is it possible to run php inside phonegap…???i dont think it is possible….correct me if am wrong….

  • How can i run the application?

  • Mark

    How would you do this but still have the app accessible offline

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  • Deniz

    Hi. But phonegap not building .php file. it create new index.html file. depend on this example not start.
    What is solve for this problem?


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