Video: New Components in Flex 4.6

Holly and I have been working on an Expense Report application for tablets. We used a Flex 4.5 version in our session at MAX this year, but we have also been working on a 4.6 version in parallel. The new components in Flex 4.6 are really helping delivering a great experience on tablets. You can read more about Flex 4.6 here. Thanks to ESRI and Mansour for the great maps.

This is still work in progress, but you can watch a video of the application here:

Source Code

Holly and I will be co-presenting at RIA Unleashed this year. We have a workshop on the 27th, and, if you attend, this is the application you will build (plus additional bonus features not demonstrated here like push notifications, etc). Since we want to keep the content fresh (and we still have to polish a few things), we will make the code available after the event.

Flex 4.6

You can read more about Flex 4.6 and the prerelease program here.

  • Paul Bergsma

    It’s an excellent idea to use an architecture in your next application , may I ask why don’t you choose Cairngorm 3 which is from Adobe Open Source ?
    As far as I understand, Francois Le Droff (who took over the Cairngorm 3 project when Alex Ulhmann left) told me that CG3 is completely applicable in mobile development.
    Moreover, there’s also Robotlegs + Signals which is also widely used, why Mansour which looks quite experimental ?

  • Awesome dem video, now I almost want to go to RIA Unleashed!

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  • Hi Christophe, I have used your Employee directory to learn flash/flex/mobile. Great example!!! In the past I worked more with other ide platforms. Do you have a similar example of mobile sqlite that does updates/adds/deletes on a mobile sqlite application.

    Tony Marziani

  • lokesh

    Hi Christophe, My self working in flex and i need to know how to integrate flex with springs, pls let me know


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  • Adam

    I wish I could be at there, cant wait to play around with the source code.

  • fox

    A LIVE demo to try of that Spinning List would be LOVELY ! PLEASE <3

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  • Which maps do you use? Since Google maps support is being dropped…

  • marks

    Can you upload the source code here.Thanks

  • Leon

    Hi Christophe,

    Where can I download the source code of this Expense report application? I would like to play around with it.

  • Hi Coenraets,
    is all of these new components available for web/Air application too?.

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