MobileDashboard for iOS, Android, and PlayBook: Source code available on GitHub

I continue to see a very high level of interest for data visualization applications on mobile devices. Tablets in particular are fast becoming the device of choice for dashboards, analytics, and BI applications. With its powerful charting components library, Flex is the ideal solution for building these applications. And because it’s Flex, it’s also cross-platform: the same application runs on iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook. One codebase.

As an example, I built a simple “dashboard portal” during the beta program. Now that Flex 4.5.1 is out with built-in support for iOS, Android, and the PlayBook, it’s time to share the source code publicly.

The source code is available here:

Usual disclaimer about the source code: This is a sample application, I intentionally cut some corners, used the out-of-the box look and feel, etc.

If you haven’t seen the application in action, you can watch it here:

  • Any idea when we can expect to see some Spark, mobile-optimized charting components?

  • judah

    +1 Also, if you can get the date of the increase or decrease in stock or sales of a specific product you could corollate it with events related to that product on that date using Google. When a point is selected and a corollate button is pressed a search on Google for, “date + product or brand” will likely reveal the source.

  • Rene Muniz

    This is great, thanks Chris!

  • Casey

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting this.

  • Hi Christophe,

    Very nice app.

    Unfortunately, I get errors when I try to run the downloaded app from github:

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    unable to open ‘/Users/mcaudy/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5/MobileDashboard/libs’ MobileDashboard Unknown Flex Problem

    Note that there is no location (path) shown in this error message: “Unknown”.
    A search of the project file for “libs” returns nothing, with no sing of any code calling for the “libs” directory to be called.

    When you run the code, you get the message: “initial content not found.”

    I am running FlashBuilder for PHP 4.5.1 (released version) on a MacBook Air running OS 10.6.8

    Please advise. Thanks.


  • numa

    I am facing the same problem as Michael. I added lccs.swc to the path but it still complains about the lib folder. what am i missing?

  • numa

    The fix is to create a “lib” directory manually after you clone the repository. Don’t forget to include lccs.swc file. cheers!

  • HI,
    This is the super cool charting I have ever seen on the mobile devices.I was trying to do the same for android .I have downloaded the source code from the git hub and saw it running on the google nexus one emulator.Is it possible to integrate the charting portion of the code(XML) inside the android application and use eclipse to develop the application which can make use of the MobileDashboard code.The reason why I want to do so is because I have some data which has to come from the android low level code and has to be fed to a charting class or any package(which is the MobileDashboard code in my case) which can take the data and plot the chart.So i want that If i am able to bring this above code inside the android application i will be able to draw it on the android device.Hi plz reply to this , if you don’t like thsi comment here plz direct me to the relevant links.
    Best Rgds and Thanks for reading it till here

  • Also where can we get the lccs.swc file as numa suggested above.Do we have to donwloaded a separate libraries for this.

  • yhou

    I have an android samsung gallxy prvail I didn’t know that google was imbeded in phone how do i stop google from knowing all about me. how do i get google entirely out of my phone

  • lizaminnelli

    How would you approach getting a flex application to work on an iPad?

  • Saidi Reddy

    Hi Sir, i have one query could u please help me , Panel control not supported in Flex Mobile Project in Flash builder 4.5. There is any alternate control to add some data dynamically (using Actin Script). please help me thanks in advance …

  • Thanks, this blog is very good!!

  • Ashok Kumar

    Hi Christophe,

    This is ashok kumar from Accenture Private Ltd. India. I saw your application “Mobile DashBoard” from your site and found it very useful to showcase Adobe AIR capabilities on mobile plateforms.

    Such kind of application we were looking for showcasing in one of our client visit.

    Could you please confirm if we can use your application for the client visit? We will convey to the client that the application has been developed by the Adobe.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashok Kumar

  • Awesome Display of data using Flex Charting. Super excited – will try this tonight. Thanks a bunch.

  • Calvin

    hi man can you help i can run this app. I work in a BI department & we want something like that for our clients can u help
    Mail me

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  • really good

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