Flex-based iPad Trader App now on Android Market

The “Flex on the iPad” video I posted two weeks ago generated a lot of interest. Because it is built with Flex, the application with all its richness (interactive charts, collaboration, videoconference, etc) is automatically cross-platform: You can run it on mobile devices on the iPad, the iPhone, Android devices, and the BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as on traditional computers in the browser and as a desktop app, and even on your television using Google TV.

If you have an Android device, I just posted the app on the Android Market. This is the exact same application as featured in the iPad video. To install it, just search for “Mobile Trader” on the Android Market, or access the following URL from your device’s browser: market://search?q=pname:air.MobileTrader, or scan the barcode below.

Note: To avoid excessive use of the service, collaboration is disabled in the demo version posted on the Android market. Let me know if you need a live demo of this feature.

  • Nice app.

    You can link to it directly on the market – https://market.android.com/details?id=air.MobileTrader

    Those with 2.2 can remote install to our devices.

  • Rick

    Are those graphs flex charting or some custom brew?

  • Installed on my NotionInk Adam and HTC EVO and it is running like a charm. Any chance you will share the source to help some of us noobs get started? Thanks for sharing.

  • Hiya,

    Great to start seeing Flex apps over different mobiles. The promise needs results :)
    I would love to be able to show a rich app working for my management. How to get hold of the iOS version?

    Thanks in advance

  • max

    i can’t find it on the app market. i’m from france. is it US only ? maybe it’s because i’m on 2.1…

  • @Max

    Adobe Air, so you need 2.2 or greater.

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  • Simon O’Connor

    We’re in the middle of porting our Flex based app to Mobile, and are quite disappointed with the requirement of air/flash on ARM7 and above architectures, this removes a huge number of mid-range phones from the number of possible targets. And for simple apps (like ours, which is largely just complex forms) the requirement of a high end processor seems ridiculous.

    Is there any intent to release a version that will run on ARM 6 based devices?

  • rajesh
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  • Hey, Thanks guys…. we appreciate the support and are working to make the app better and better!

  • Great to hear that Flex is on different mobiles..such a good news…going to have it..

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  • Great to start seeing Flex apps over different mobiles. The promise needs results :)
    I would love to be able to show a rich app working for my management. How to get hold of the iOS version?


  • Thanks for the QR code. Makes finding things a whole lot easier!

  • Urke

    Great info. ;)

  • WHAT A GREAT APP! Looks stunning! Will dowload it!

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  • For being an about trading, this is one amazing tool. I wish it gave a little more information on forex trading though. But great app overall!

  • This app is probably the best Ive seen for trading. I love that it is cross platform and runs on almost all devices. The best part about is the gorgeous graphics and graphs it displays.

  • Gave this application a try, and I’m fully satisfied so far. It’s easy to easy to use and has simple display.

  • Can we also trade in indices with this app?

  • Good Job

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  • greal app. but it not avaiable at googleplay now :-(
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  • Sure, this is a best ultimate app that helps to become 2nd Jordan Bellfort.

  • Hope it may help.

  • Jerry Clark

    Seems like a nice help for everyone interested in trading.