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Scrollable and Touch-Friendly Flex Charts

After I posted Flex Charts on the iPad, a few people asked me how to enable some specific gestures on these charts to make them small screen-friendly. One specific question was: “How can we make a chart scrollable to show a lot of data on a smaller screen while making sure the vertical axis is […]

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Flex Charts on the iPad

I continue to see a lot of interest for dashboards applications on mobile devices (particularly on tablets), and I think that interactive data visualization applications are really a sweet spot for Flex. As an example, I built a simple dashboard aggregator using the out-of-the box charting components available in Flex. The same application can run […]

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Flex-Powered Multi-Touch Data Visualization on the iPad, Android, and the BlackBerry PlayBook

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve visited many enterprise customers to spread the exciting news and discuss their mobile strategy. I found it interesting that most of them were focusing primarily on tablets (instead of phones), and that the application they were focusing on was almost always a dashboard or at least involved a […]

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Flex-based iPad Trader App now on Android Market

The “Flex on the iPad” video I posted two weeks ago generated a lot of interest. Because it is built with Flex, the application with all its richness (interactive charts, collaboration, videoconference, etc) is automatically cross-platform: You can run it on mobile devices on the iPad, the iPhone, Android devices, and the BlackBerry PlayBook, as […]

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