My Employee Directory Application Published on the Android Market

I just published my AIR-for-Android Employee Directory application to the Android Market. If you have an Android device you can find it by searching “Employee Directory” from within the Market application.

This is a new version of the application. One of the new features in this version is that it allows you to easily import your own data (click the Menu button on your device to access the “Import Data” screen).

You can find more information on the application companion page:

  • Vivian Richard

    Hi Christophe, where can I download AIR SDK 2.5 for Android?

  • Hi Vivian,
    You can now download Flash Builder Burrito on

  • ilan

    Great Tutorial.
    Saw the Tutorial you made in Adobe MAX presenting this application as well as other mobile applications in your blog.
    I think you did excellent work!

    As this application was presented in MAX, are you planning also to upload it’s source code?

  • Jason

    Thanks for the tutorial. I read some information that you can use the mx charting within a mobile app. I am using Flex Hero and Flash Builder Burrito. I include mx.swc and datavisualization.swc, I want to create a simple View with a mx:PieChart in it. Even after including the mx namespace I cannot get the View to build using mx:PieChart as MXML. I then wrote the same View class as pure actionscript and I programmatically create the PieChart and addElement in my override of createChildren. This still doesn’t work as the piechart never shows up. Can you shed any insight on how to use the MX charting in an Air for Android app?


  • sebastian

    Great tutorial, I have similar requirement as Jason, I need to use mx:charts since we have an application for mobile that makes use of that . I added the datavisualization.swc and mx.swc but am not able to refrence the charts.. any help will be appreciated

  • Tom Coppock

    I have managed to get mx charts to compile and deploy in Burrito Mobile Applications by creating custom name spaces, for example:


    Then referencing these in the charts:


  • Nice stuffs Chris.

    @Tom Coppock,
    Good tip man.. Its working fine for me.. :)

  • Ruyam

    Hi sir can you guide how to create this completely by using Java and images of user from Database..can you tell me how its possible

  • Tim Vo

    Hi Christophe,

    Thank you for your tutorials and blogs.
    I downloaded your tutorial about Employee Directory for Android, and testing on it.
    I am new to Flex, so a lot of learning for me, but I am catching up with many your great posts.
    Can you please post your source codes for the Android Employee Directory App that you put on Android Market? Or send me some info how to download it?
    Also, I find a way to filter or list some employees by just typing a few characters in the search box (kind of Ajax drop-down box search), to complement your tutorial.

    Thank you for your help, and all great posts!

  • Hi

    I can’t find info on the XML format.
    Can you help ?


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  • hi,

    i can’t find android apk. in play store?

    can u help me pls?

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  • I’ll try thanks.

  • Cool, thanks very much.