"VoiceNotes for Android": Sample App using Flex, AIR, and the Microphone API

VoiceNotes for Android is a sample application built with Flex and deployed on Adobe AIR for Android. The application allows you to record voice messages and play them back later. It demonstrates the Microphone API introduced in the latest builds of AIR for Android. VoiceNotes for Android is based on the desktop version of VoiceNotes I recently blogged as an AIR 2 sample.

Watch the video:

Download the Application and Source Code

  • You can download the application (VoiceNotes.apk) here
  • You can download the source code (VoiceNotes.fxp project file) here

If you want to compile or run the application on your device, make sure you install the latest version of the AIR for Android SDK and Runtime respectively. The apk was built using the AIR for Android 20100720 build.