Android Trader Desktop with Flex and AIR — Updated for Froyo + Source Code Available

A few weeks ago, I posted a video of a Mobile Trader Desktop application I built using Flex 4 and AIR for Android. I recently updated the application for Froyo (Android 2.2), and I can now share the application file and the source code.

Watch the video:

Download the Application and Source Code

  • You can download the application (MobileTrader.apk) here
  • You can download the source code (MobileTrader.fxp project file) here

The latest version of AIR for Android is available here.

NOTE: In this version of the application, the stock updates are simulated at the client side so that you don’t have to install the server infrastructure. Modifying the application to get the stock updates from a server is easy: use this application as an example.