Android Trader Application with Flex 4 and AIR

I recently blogged about building a Real Time Trader Desktop Application using Flex 4 and LiveCycle Data Services. I posted the source code for the AIR version and the Browser version of the application. The next logical step was to build a Mobile version. I used Flex 4 and the prerelease version of AIR for Android.

Watch the video:

I made some changes to the User Interface to work better on a smaller screen, but for the most part, this version of the application uses the same code as the browser and the desktop versions: same data feed, subscription logic, model, controller, components, etc. This made it amazingly easy to take an existing Flex application and deploy it on Android… Three different deployment targets (Browser, Desktop, Mobile), same programming model, same language, same tools, same code.

The developer prerelease of AIR for Android is now available. More information here.