New Spring / BlazeDS Test Drive Available: Flex 4, BlazeDS 4, and Spring / BlazeDS Integration 1.0.3

For the Flex 4 launch, I created a new version of the Spring / BlazeDS Test Drive. All the sample applications are now built with Flex 4.

By popular demand, I also recreated an out-of-the-box “Test Drive Server”. This new Test Drive Server consists of a minimal version of Tomcat with BlazeDS 4 and the “Spring / BlazeDS integration 1.03” preconfigured and ready to use. It also includes a series of samples running “out-of-the-box” that should allow you to get up and running integrating Flex with Spring in minutes.

The Test Drive Server is using BlazeDS 4 because BlazeDS 4 allows you to use the new data centric development features of Flash Builder 4. Specifically, Flash Builder 4 can introspect Java remote destinations configured in BlazeDS 4 and generate corresponding ActionScript value objects and service stubs. I’ll blog more about this soon. Since BlazeDS 4 hasn’t yet been released, this version of the Test Drive uses a nightly build of BlazeDS 4.

You can access the Test Drive here. All the Flash Builder 4 projects are provided.

To learn more about the Spring / BlazeDS Integration project, visit the project home page on

  • Hi Christophe, by chance do you have a link to a list of new features for BlazeDS 4?

  • pablo

    when it leaves the final version of blazeds 4?

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  • caden

    This is fantastic! I have the whole thing running just fine.

    One thing I don’t get is JMSChat (the java class). What RUNs that??? I mean I see this:

    and this

    and this
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    new JMSChat();

    but what actually kicks off the JMSChat’s main function so it can start listening?

  • caden

    yeah… you know it would help if I actually looked at classes sometimes. I assumed to be this proxy/delegate/messaging/management class when really it’s just a GUI to send messages to the same location.


  • Sobers

    Hi Christophe,

    The Examples you have posted are really helpful and make’s life really easy.
    I am using BlazeDS for integrating with existing MVC, and came across the “FlexTagLib”

    Does “FlexTagLib” come under BlazeDS or its part of LCDS .. ? / flex-bootstrap.jar ?

    Thanks for your help in Advance

  • Steve

    Hi Christophe,

    I was wondering if you could comment on the integration of Blazeds +Spring + JAAS scenario?


  • Steve

    Do you respond to comments posted ?

  • Alberto Acevedo

    Christophe ,

    Is Blazeds 4 backward compatible with a Flex application built with Flex Builder 3? I’m asking because I am getting AsyncMessage object memory leaks in the tomcat server when using a Flex 3 client aplication. When I checked the version of the blazeds library I noticed that the version was blazeds 4, the same libraries I got from your test drive. Can a blazeds 4 with Flex 3.x applications be the cause of the memory leak? The leak is big and I’m getting out of memory errors (tenured space is full). I also noticed that there is an open adobe gira issue about the same AsyncMessage memory leak.



  • Hi, I made a proof of concept for Flex3 with BlazeDS using the test drive as a baseline. Specifically I used the feed starter and the trader desktop. It worked great.
    Now I tried to make the same for Flex4, so I updated the Flex Framework, Flex mojos and other Flex related dependencies and compiled the MXMLs (making some changes like mx is now either s or fx).
    It compiled fine. But now when I tried to run it on the web app it doesn’t show. Neither on a html nor directly from the swf. Made right click and realized it is working with Flash Player 10, so it should work.
    Then I downloaded the testdrive from this page, and when I access the swf it works.
    But if I compile the MXML from the downloaded version it doesn’t.
    Any ideas?


  • Jonathan

    Also, do you happen to have the Maven files for the testdive projects. The downloads have only eclipse project files and no maven POM files. Could you please provide them as well?

  • Thanks for the information shared here. that was an interesting and informative. I had a good experience by participating in the Adobe Summit in 2009 which features the latest developments on the Adobe Flash Platform that is of utmost importance to both developers, as well as designers.. I learnt lot of new technologies like Blaze DS, etc And I am planning to attend 2010 edition as well. I found the information about the conference from

  • GP

    I really liked the testDrive. Its very easy to set up and run the applications. However, i find it extremely difficult to build on top of it. Once I change anything on the Flex side and corresponding changes on the Java side. How do I recompile and deploy to the tomcat instance. It would be really helpful if you provided steps on how to build over this for real world applications. Here are few things I can think of:
    1. How to run with a real database like mySQL.
    2. Once you make changes to the UI (eg. add a new Flex MXML file), how to get that compiled and published?
    3. Once you add a new service on the Java side, how do you configure that in BlazeDS .


  • Adi

    Hi Christophe,

    We want to integrate maven / any other cli script as a post build event to our BlazeDS web service project in order to generate the ActionScript classes for services and value objects.
    We couldn’t find any documentation on how to do so. Do you know of a way to do so?


  • Rheid Schloss

    Has anyone pointed out the java JMSChat client if ran before the flex client actually fails and throws exceptions. It appears that only the flex client dynamically starts the ActiveMQ messaging service. I would be interested to understand why the spring implementation doesn’t start the ActiveMQ service at startup. Even with the startup parameters specified, I can’t figure out a way to get ActiveMQ to start by default.

  • Wow, it’s a good thing you posted the test drive link. Glad the apps have Flex 4. Thanks for creating Spring test drive as well, and for combining the two elements. Will make everything efficient for sure.


  • BlazeDS looks great. See this quick introduction to BlazeDS and comparison to LiveCycleDS.