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Flex 4 Sample Application using a Java Back-End, BlazeDS 4 and Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards

I put together a new Test Drive environment to allow you to explore the development of Flex 4 applications with a Java back-end using the new “Data-Centric Development” features of Flash Builder 4. These features include service introspection, value object and service stub generation, etc. This Test Drive is still work in progress: it currently […]

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New Flex 4 / Spring Integration Article

Along with the new Spring / BlazeDS Test Drive, I also updated my Flex / Spring integration article for Flex 4. It also reflects the changes in the latest version of the Spring / BlazeDS Integration Project (version 1.0.3). The article is available here. Check it out… Flex + Spring is really a great platform […]

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Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 Released!

Flex 4 and Flash Builder (previously known as Flex Builder) 4 have been released. You can download the products here. Also check out the brand new, and the reorganized Tour de Flex with a lot of new Flex 4 samples. In addition to the new Spark component model which enables a new level of […]

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