"Voice Notes": Record Voice Notes and Persist them in SQLite with AIR 2

As you probably already know, the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 betas are now available on Adobe Labs. I’ve been playing with the Microphone API in AIR 2 while working on the booth here at Devoxx, and built this small sample application that allows you to record voice notes and store them in the embedded SQLite database so that you can replay them later.

No rocket science here (and no designer involved), just one more microphone API sample. You can install the application here (AIR 2 required):

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the AIR 2.0 beta runtime here.
  2. Download voicenotes.air here.
  3. Double-click voicenotes.air in Explorer or Finder to start the installation process.

View Source (right click) is enabled.

  • Amer Dababneh

    thank you for this app.
    when will your session at Devoxx be available as video or slides?

  • program yükle Good admin than you

  • Good teacher, thanks!

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  • ts really nice i was waiting for this implementation from a long while

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  • Fabricio

    I downloaded the AIR beta 2 runtime, installed it and still I can’t make it work. I get an error screen. Can someone help?

  • andy

    this sample does not work with AIR 2.0 RC …
    i cant install it… error!
    please upload a zip for source-code…

  • kevin liang

    hi, I installed air 2.5. But when I double clicked on the voicenotes.air, it says “This application requires an update to Adobe AIR…” but my pc meets all the requirement as fas as I am concerned. Can anyone help?


  • Just surfing by

    You can get to the (HTML version of the) source by renaming the .air file to .zip, and then looking at the contents that way.

  • alain Lowet

    Hello Christophe,
    Application doesn’t seems to install itself with adobe AIR 3.0, so there is no way to access the source code example… :-(