“Model Driven Development with Flash Builder 4 and LCDS 3” at Flex 360 Indianapolis

I’ll be presenting two sessions at Flex 360 Indianapolis next week.

In the “Flex / BlazeDS Integration Project” session (Monday), I’ll provide a brief introduction of the Spring framework and the “Dependency Injection” pattern, followed by a deep dive into the brand new “Spring / BlazeDS integration project”.

My second session (on Wednesday) is “Model Driven Development with Flash Builder 4 and LCDS 3”. (The next version of Flex Builder will be named Flash Builder 4. The name of the Flex framework and the Flex SDK doesn’t change: it’s still Flex). In this session I will present a new and exciting feature in Flash Builder 4 and LiveCycle Data Services 3. Using the combination of these two products, you can build data-driven applications using a Model-Driven Development approach. In other words, you don’t have to write any server-side code: the data access logic is derived from a simple data model that is easily created and updated using new tooling in Flash Builder 4. This solution is designed to work for simple and very complex applications. I presented a sneak peek of this new feature at MAX last year, and we made a lot of progress since then.

I hope to see you there.


  • vlad

    Any chance that next version of LCDS to implement constraint at property level, using destination configuration?
    Something like is done with hibernate annotation using “insertable=true”.
    It’s very useful when build application with multi user access and try to restrict some accesses based on role.
    Sometime, need to restric access at property level, to permit only “read” some property , or need to restric an entire operation, like DELETE for some bean.

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  • Ed

    At Gorilla Logic we have been using the model-driven approach for several years in our consulting projects, including Flex work.

    The technique is tremendously powerful, allowing the behavioral functionality and the user interface to co-evolve very rapidly at the beginning of a project.

    We built a tool, opengxe, which uses the regular UML digramming tools (e.g. MagicDraw) to instantiate behavioral backends, rather as you describe: http://www.gorillalogic.com/stuff.gxe.html

    Hope to catch the 360 talk on video – break a leg!

  • Thanks for the awesome presentation Christophe. It was great to meet you in person, and hopefully I’ll get to see you again soon!

  • JP Revel

    Hi Christophe,
    Thanks for your presentation at 360|Flex. I’m really looking forward to getting to work on the next version of LCDS!

    Please send me an email about giving a talk in September.
    Talk to you soon,

  • Bruno Stefano

    Christophe, probably this isn´t the properly place to discuss this, but i can´t find any documentantion about this.

    I’m trying to set my context.xml string in Tomcat to use the Adobe Data Model with MS SQL SERVER 2005. I uncomented the RDS configuration in web.xml. Is there anything wrong with my string?


  • thanx admin very much

  • Does Flash Builder 4 client-side data management work with LCDS 2.6 in CF8.01?

    Do you know what version of LCDS come with CF9, if any?


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  • acnesiac

    Hello i have an answer i dont know if you cans give some solution

    have two dataServices pointing to the same destination

    i got two buttons with a binding to the property text with the flag commitRequired for every DS

    and if i make a change in the list associated to dsCompany , there is a change in dsCompanyTwo.commitRequired too!!

    why happen this?

    Best regards

  • This looks interesting. I’ll have to have a look into it.

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