New Version of Salesbuilder with Ribbit Integration: Source Code Available

Many people have asked for the source code of the new version of Salesbuilder that includes Ribbit (phone service) integration, an offline calendar (using the ILog component), and the KapIT visualizer component.

You can now download the source code here.

As a reminder, you can watch a screencast showing the key features of the application here (go full screen for a better viewing experience. Also make sure HD is on).

You must create a Ribbit developer account (free) to be able to use the phone service. Once you have a Ribbit account, click the Options menu item in Salesbuilder and enter your Ribbit user id and password.

You will also need to install the ILog swc if you want to compile the application.

  • Wesley

    What license is your source code under? Amazing demo and thanks for sharing!

  • Fred

    Thanks !!!!

  • Pat


    For those that downlaod this be warned that you will most likely be ripping out the iLog funtionality, because the license cost of that functionality is OUTRAGOUS. I’m waiting for an open source option. They must think all programmers are rich or something. :)

    Christopher: Thanks – this is aweseom!

  • Lino

    Thanks Chris, this code will be of great help in my learning.

  • @Pat

    ILOG Elixir is $799 per development seat for unlimited number of apps. For that you get 11 data display components and man years of code. Feel free to email, want to know what is outragous there.

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  • Duke Fama

    Hey Nice job,

    You rock. and thanks this project has tot me a lot about air. Please can I use this template for a project I am working on ? but with a different color :D ?


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  • joahns

    Great application Christophe.

    One question – do you purposely not use an architecture framework like Cairngorm (or other) so that the application is more general for all developers or is it more a case of not requiring such a framework since you are developing alone and not part of a larger team? I think it does show that not all Flex applications need an architecture framework.

    ILOG – I think the price is fair given it is an unlimited number of apps. For projects/clients requiring the the functionality iLog provides that cost should be easy to recover.

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  • bruce

    hi christopher.

    i’m trying to get some further information regardding flash/adobe, and org charts. rather than veer off here, could you please get in touch with me via email. i’ve left my email when i signed in to leave this comment.



  • Tapan Ghia


    Can anyone forward me the documentation for the latest version of the SalesBuilder app. This might help me understand the application in a much better way.

    My email id:


  • Keyo

    Hey christophe,

    I always appreciate what you do! Please keep up the good work!

  • Mr Rich

    Re: Price of iLog. $799 may be reasonable but it is more than most programmers can afford for a component. My guess is that it would have 100 times as many takers if it was a tenth the price.

  • program yükle Good admin than you

  • I cannot get the application to compile. I am getting an unhandled exception error. I have added the .swc libraries but no luck so far…

  • Great work! How do I import the Salesbuilder source into Flashbuilder 4? Seems to be something lacking…

  • suresh

    This is an amazing app which inspires people to create a very good app in Flash/Flex Builder.
    Now i am having Flashbuilder4. Can you help me to import, i imported it told some fds.swc is missing. cant we do the same thing with blazeds which is open source.

    Ilog will be only for big whale companies but not surely for any mid,small,decent large companies. Most of the apps are written not by whale sized companies. They might have thier own team to put charts. Better we write own code to show the graphs and there are few open source too.

  • Avi

    Hi, Great work!
    is there any way to get this application updated to Flex 4?

  • Robert

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