Make and Receive Phone Calls in the New Version of the Salesbuilder Sample Flex Application

I updated my Salesbuilder sample Flex/Adobe AIR application with a couple of new interesting features:

  1. Ribbit integration: allows you to make and receive calls from within the application
  2. KapIt Visualizer component to represent the org chart
  3. ILog calendar component

I recorded a quick screencast to show the new (and previous features) of the application. You can watch it in the player below, however, I highly recommend you click here to watch it in HD (go full screen for a better viewing experience. Also make sure HD is on).

Click on the badge below to install the application.

[airbadge]Salesbuilder,, 1.5,[/airbadge]

NOTE: You must create a Ribbit developer account (free) to be able to use the phone service. Once you have a Ribbit account, click the Options menu item in Salesbuilder and enter your Ribbit user id and password.