Quicklook: Offline Flex Calendar Application with iLog and SQLite

I have been playing with the new iLog calendar component that I plan to incorporate in the next version of Salesbuilder. In the meantime, I figured I would share this simple application that shows how to use the iLog component and persist its calendar data in a local SQLite database.

This application only uses a subset of the features available in the calendar component. For example the component also supports recurring events.

Install Adobe AIR Quicklook application:
[airbadge]Quicklook, http://coenraets.org/apps/quicklook/Quicklook.air, v1, http://coenraets.org/apps/quicklook/Quicklook.png[/airbadge]

Click here to download the Flex source code. You’ll have to add the iLog SWC to your build path. The application is using iLog Elixir Beta 2 available here.

  • This looks great! How hard do you think it would be to make this pull from google calendar?

  • Hello Christophe,
    This is immensely helpful. I knew that ilog was coming out with a new version of elixir but did not know they were working on a calendar component. I’m looking forward to digging into this and figuring out the sqllite as well, because I had previously had trouble with manipulating dates in sqllite.

  • Nice use of the ILOG Elixir Calendar indeed! To Michael, you can have a look at this blog post:
    http://blogs.ilog.com/elixir/2008/12/23/ical-reader-sample/ to check how the ILOG Elixir Calendar can import data using the iCal format (that is used by Google Calendar).

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  • Peter

    Hi, I am a complete and utter noob at flex, but I have downloaded the trial of Flex Builder.

    I am starting to go through the tutorials, but if someone could could tell me how to open this calendar project in flex builder to be able to tinker with it, mess up and learn the fun way, it would be greatly appreciated!!

    I simply do not know where to put the different files and scripts to be able to make an app of the with flex.

    Do I need to create a local SQLite database on my computer to make it work ?

    To stoopid a question? Then pls disregard my comment. I think the application looks really really great!

    Kindly/ Peter

  • ED

    hi michael im new in flex help me how to find a tutorial how to make one.. pleasee pleaseeeee

  • ED

    i really want this one, but i have limited amount of money is ilog for free???

  • This is cool. This whole rich client thing is going great with SQLite. Where is the data schema stored?

  • Hello and good day,

    He showed us that it is also possible without drugs! He did a great job!

    Thank you

  • santhosh

    iLog SWC Where do i download that i downloaded ilog but where do i find swc

  • Iqbal Singh

    Can I use your code in my application for commercial purpose or is there any copyright for it. Or will you charge for it.


  • Hi, We have developped a new Flex calendar component with a lot of nice features : http://www.keepcore.com/composants-flex/flex-calendar-component.html
    Let us know if you have suggestions! You will find free trial version, demo application source code and asdoc. Hope it helps,

  • Marylka

    I would like to create a calendar of events but as a web application. Just beginning the adventure of Adobe’s Flash Builder 4 / Flex. How do I create a calendar and a database to this calendar.

  • Giorgos

    Hello, what happened to the iLog Elixir Beta 2 link. It seems to be a broken link.
    Any ideas?


  • linhf

    hi this is very good !! often see you hehehe…very nice …

  • linhf

    that ilog ” The application is using iLog Elixir Beta 2 available ” is not right!! how give me a right url….thank you very much !!! And that ilog Calender

  • We are working on the flex calendar / schedule component. Check it out here:


    Comments and suggestions most welcome!

  • wpolscemamymocneseo

    Hi….thanks for this good information.I’m so happy because it’s very useful for my thesis research.I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here :)

  • Thanks man,

    First of all thanks for sharing such a nice application source code second i really really appreciate your work and efforts.

    Note: please update the ilog elixier SWC path.


  • Kouichi

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