My New Adobe TV Episode: Model-Driven Development in Flex Builder 4 and LCDS "Next"

Using Adobe Flex Builder 4 and LCDS “Next”, you will be able to build data-driven applications using a Model-Driven Development approach. In this Adobe TV episode, I give a sneak peek of this new feature.

  • Christophe, it looks very promising.

  • Very nice. I am really looking forward to of all the new products (Flex/CF/LCDS/Catalyst).

  • Good job !

  • Good job !

  • Minh

    Will this work on other server such as PHPAMF?

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  • Christophe, it looks very promising.

  • Hello and good day,

    He showed us that it is also possible without drugs! He did a great job!

    Thank you

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