Salesbuilder Beta 3 (AIR file + Flex Source Code)

A number of you asked me for the beta 3 version of Salesbuilder. So here it is. I also took the opportunity to clean up the code, and improve a few things. The application is now using synchronous access to the local SQLite database (as opposed to the asynchronous data access strategy of the previous version). I also introduced a simple Data Access Object (DAO) abstraction (see the class) to make the DAOs a lot easier to write, read, and maintain. This is a nice improvement compared to the very verbose DAOs used in the previous version. I might move to the annotation-based ORM approach introduced here in a future version. Finally, the “lazy loading” strategy has been improved as well and does a better job at retrieving data as needed by the application.

Salesbuilder is a Sales Force Automation application written in Flex and deployed on the AIR runtime. It demonstrates local persistence using the embedded SQLite database, data synchronization, native drag-and-drop, and other features such as direct chart manipulation.

The links:

  • Click here to install the application.
  • Click here to download the source code.
  • Follow this script for a guide tour of the application.


  • Just commenting to tell you how aesthetic I find your app…
    Great work!

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  • Nathan


    What is the physical directory in the database.

    Great work men!

  • Simon

    Great stuff!
    I love the use of the TabNavigator.
    Does anyone know if you can open a tab from the TavNavigator from a canvas displayed as a tab itself?

    Example: Open Tab from TabNavigator, resulting in a new tab containing a canvas. From this canvas, open up a different tab (i.e. to create a new “task”).

    Thank you!

  • thanx you.

  • haitao_wu

    Thanks for your code, it is pretty good.

  • biko

    I have a problem , Could anyone help me ?

    This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

    i have the latest version of Adobe Air and flex builder 3 ..

  • Great work men!

  • Thanks for your code, it is pretty good.

  • thanks

  • thank you

  • Very useful application.

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  • Very useful application.

  • I love the design of the app… its nice.. curious.. what fonts are these..?

  • Christophe,

    I’m running into an issue in my air app, which I see duplicated in your Sales Builder Air App. Hopefully you can shed some light and offer a suggested fix. The weirdness can best be demonstrated by expanding the bubble grid in your Sales Builder app until just 2 days are showing. For this example the only 2 labels visible along the bottom horizontal axis should be 6/24/09 and 6/25/09. Notice there exists a sales opportunity bubble between those two vertical axis indicating that the projected close date should be 6/24/09. However, when you roll over the bubble to view its details you can plainly see that the close date is actually 6/23/09. In fact, if you slowly drag the bubble left-and-right you can see where the date is changing, and how those changes are a good hundred or more pixels off. It seems to me that the vertical axis date delineation lines aren’t matching up with the drag calculations behind the scenes. Any thoughts on this? I’ve been pulling my hair out here for a few hours trying everything I can think of to fix this. Any help would be most appreciated

  • very good thanks you

  • thanks bro

  • Taste this good application. I am using the gumbo Flash builder 4, when use Flex 3.4 SDK as compiler .
    Error: invalid application descriptor:descriptor version does not math runtime version.

  • Fernando Valentini

    Hi! I downloaded the app and the source code but every time that I try to run the app the app does not run. I’m using Adobe AIR

  • I have been trying to get this application working, however, I have been running into errors. The errors I have getting are in the main file as listed here:

    private function updaterInitializedHandler(event:UpdateEvent):void

    I have added the .swc files to the project RibbitAPI.swc and the Visualizer.swc
    Also my build library source files contain the following:

    I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Can anyone provide assistance?

    Thank you
    Alex Dove

  • Great stuff Christophe. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the design of the app… its nice.. curious.. what fonts are these..?

  • very well thanks

  • thanks very nice

  • Thanks for your code, it is pretty good.

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