New version of Salesbuilder Flex / AIR application

I spent some time improving the Salesbuilder Flex / AIR demo application I posted a couple of weeks ago. This version is a lot more complete and polished than the initial incarnation of the application.

Salesbuilder is a Sales Force Automation application that demonstrates local persistence using the embedded SQLite database, data synchronization, native drag-and-drop, and other features such as direct chart manipulation.

First, I got help from our Experience Design team (special thanks to Ethan Eismann): this is still work in progress, but the design has already been improved significantly.


I also added a number of new features. For example, you can now create and edit sales opportunities, use the menu bar buttons to access summary screens, etc. One interesting new feature is the direct manipulation options available in the Sales Pipeline bubble chart, and in particular the way data visualization turns into data manipulation/data entry: drag bubbles up, down, left or right to adjust the probability and the expected closing date. The new values are automatically saved to the database.

Click here to install the application.

Follow this guided tour to make sure you don’t miss any new feature.

Credits to Mark Shepherd for the Springgraph component, Doug McCune for the SuperTabNavigator, and Jason Hawryluk for the Flex Rating Component used in this application.