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SQLQueue: Chaining Asynchronous SQL statements using the AIR database access API

The AIR database access API is asynchronous. This works well for executing expensive queries without blocking the user interface. However, sometimes you may need to run a series of short and interdependent statements, and in that case, executing each statement asynchronously and independently can make your code difficult to manage. Consider an example where you […]

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AIR-to-Desktop Drag-and-Drop: Two Simple Utility Classes

One of the exciting features of AIR is that it enables drag-and-drop between your Flex applications and the desktop: For example, you could drag a chart from your Flex application and drop it on your desktop as a JPG, or directly inside a Word document. Similarly, you could grab some rows from a Datagrid and […]

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SQLite Admin Application for AIR

UPDATE: This version is now obsolete. A new version is available here. I put together this SQL Admin application to help me manipulate my SQLite databases when working with AIR. The application is based on the SQL Admin for Google Gears I posted recently. This is an early version and is not fully functional. For […]

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