Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer (Updated for Flex 2 GA)

As you already know, Flex 2 is now available. So, it’s time to post the upgraded version of some of the demos I built during the beta… starting with the portfolio viewer which had generated some good feedback.


The portfolio viewer is an example of a real time market data application. It uses the Flex Data Services to push data to the client. At the server-side, a Java application publishes a data feed to a JMS topic. The Flex client subscribes to that topic and displays the data in a DataGrid and in a Line Chart that are both updated in real time. Read my original post here.

  • Run the application (NOTE: Since my host doesn’t provide JMS hosting, this version simulates data at the client-side). View Source is enabled: right click the application and select View Source to look at the source code.
  • Download the full JMS version of the application (Flex code + Java code). This version requires the Flex Data Services. See the included readme.txt file for deployment instructions. If you just want to demonstrate the concept without installing FDS, run portfolio.mxml. For the full version, run portfoliojms.mxml.

If you tried the application during the beta, make sure you check out this version which includes some nice performance improvements.

UPDATE (1/12/2007): I put together a Tomcat-based Test Drive Server that includes an improved version of this sample running out-of-the box. Read this post for more info. The improved version uses the Java API directly (no JMS), and uses subtopics to allow users to subscribe to the stocks they are interested in.