DreamHouse: Sample Application with Ionic 3 and Angular 4

Ionic 3.0 has arrived! It was time to update the DreamHouse sample application. In this post, I share a new version of DreamHouse built with Ionic 3 and Angular 4. Watch the video: Source Code The source code and installation instructions are available in this repository. 3-Minute Installation Make sure you have the latest version […]

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Sample Application with React Native and the Salesforce Mobile SDK

I recently shared a sample Employee Directory / Org Chart application built with React Native. That version of the application used a Node.js back-end. In this post, I’ll share the same application powered by a Salesforce back-end and built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Salesforce automatically provides the org chart data for users (employees) and […]

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Sample Application with Ionic 2 and Salesforce

A few weeks ago, I shared a version of the DreamHouse sample application built with the latest release candidate of Ionic 2. The app came with two interchangeable implementations of the data services: Mock and REST. Since then I’ve been working on ForceJS 2, a JavaScript library for the Salesforce REST APIs. ForceJS 2 is […]

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New Version of ForceJS: A JavaScript Library for using the Salesforce APIs in ECMAScript 6 Apps

ForceJS is a micro-library that makes it easy to work with the Salesforce REST APIs in client-side JavaScript applications. I started the project a couple of years ago focusing on three key requirements: Lightweight with no dependencies Include an implementation of the OAuth User Agent workflow Abstract differences between browser-based and Cordova-based application development to […]

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Building a Trivia App with React

I sometimes use a Trivia app at the end of my talks as a replacement for the traditional summary slide, and we have also been using Trivia games as a fun activity at different Salesforce Developer events. In this article, I share a React version of the Trivia application. The app is written with React […]

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Meet DreamHouse, the Salesforce App Cloud Sample App

With the Salesforce App Cloud, you can build any type of application: HR, Finance, Commerce, Loyalty, Inventory, etc. And you can create your application faster than with any other platform, because you can build most of it without code. 80% Code Free Every application has core requirements like identity management, data entry, data security, analytics, […]

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Slack and Salesforce Integration: Authentication

This is another installment in my ongoing Slack and Salesforce integration series. In part 2 (Slash Commands) and part 3 (Bots), I used an “integration user” to access Salesforce on behalf of Slack users. In other words, all Slack users connected to Salesforce using the same Salesforce user. This may be fine in some cases […]

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Slack and Salesforce Integration Webinar

Thanks everybody for attending the Slack and Salesforce Integration Webinar today. Here is a list of resources mentioned during the presentation: Slack blog post: Connecting Slack and Salesforce Slack API documentation Slack and Salesforce Integration Part 1: Webhooks – Blog – Apex class Slack and Salesforce Integration Part 2: Slash Commands – Blog – Repo […]

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